My name is Preston Watson. Founder of Watson Immigration and an 8th generation Canadian. My family immigrated to Canada from Ireland in the late 1700's.

In 2008 I traveled to India on a work project. While there, I met me wife, Hema. In 2009 we got married. Shortly thereafter I prepared and submitted Hema's application for Canadian Permanent Residency. The next year, Hema joined me in Canada.

With every trip we make to India, we meet people who ask how I can help get them to Canada. With so many people asking for help it seemed logical to venture into the field of immigration. We help those seeking to either visit Canada temporarily or to immigrate permanently. If your goal is becoming a Canadian citizen, we would be honored to help.


Marrying into an Indian family I heard stories of others and their journey to becoming Canadian Citizens. We understand that starting a new life in a new country can be a challenging task. It is our mission to ensure that every client is treated with respect. We review cases diligently to provide the best possible options for each unique situation. We operate with honesty and integrity.

Our team has visited every corner of Canada. We will assist you to select the part of the country that best suits your lifestyle and provides the best opportunity to make your dream come true.

Speak with us today about your options. Canada may be closer than you think.

     - Preston Watson

Preston Watson, RCIC
Hema Watson